Legacy Dataset Available here:

Datasets are how we teach machines about life and the world around us.

  1. Think of an issue, a quandary that in the near or distant future a synthetic intelligence may one day have to face. Remember, inspiration can come at any time and from anywhere!


  1. Next, identify the possible actions the agent can take. Should the contract be nullified? Should your personal assistant continue to respect your privacy? Will it be necessary for home security system to use force? When should it do these things and, more importantly, why?


  1. What sort of criteria should the machine use to make sense of the problem? What ethical injunctions should it take into consideration while considering its options?


  1. Now it’s time to start fleshing out your scenario with specific cases. This will help illustrate how, in practice, it will weigh the values it has been given to make its decisions. After exploring different cases you may end up rethinking what you did in step 3!   

Dilemmas Dataset